Sunday, June 17, 2007


It was taking us longer than anticipated to get the announcements out so we figured it would be quicker this way. We're excited to see everyone this week.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tyson's address

Tyson's address at the MTC is:
Elder Tyson Wheeler
MTC Box #161
NC-CHAR 0613
2005 North 900 East
Provo, UT 84604
When you get the chance, drop him a line. He'll be there until June 13th.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Chase-Tennis Team Captain

Chase Wheeler is currently the team captain of the Rocklin High School Tennis Team. He leads his team on to victory and has helped the team have a current winning streak. Chase also is a great leader to many on the tennis team, and in ASB as he is the Junior Class President. Way to go Chase!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Leah Hart Murray

Greg and Sarah welcomed a baby girl, Leah Hart Murray, on March 6th. She is great-grandchild #14.

Ashlin & Brady

Brady Sessions proposed to Ashlin on Saturday March 10th. She said "YES!" They will be getting married in the Sacramento Temple on June 29th!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dave and Gayle new address and new life

Well, we have finally made the move. Dave and I are now in Loomis and ready to start our project. In fact, I think he is submitting our plans for permits today. We are in a trailer - once again. But when I think of it . . . selling our house . . . living with my parents for six months seemed impossible but we did it and it was fine. Isn't that how it is for everything in life, just taking it one step at a time and then before you know it - you made it! At least I'm banking on that thought process.

Today I workekd out at the gym with Dave and many times we see family members there also. I love that! I was able to stop by Sabrina's and go walking with her and best of all - took Lilly to see the animals getting their hair cut at the pet store and then checked out books at the libary. We had a great time. Tomorrow night we are babysitting so Clarke and Sabrina can have a date night. Kate and Jeff told us about the t.v. series "24" and we checked out the old season DVD's and have been hooked. We are still in the first season and have a ways to go to catch up to this season's episodes. After kids go to bed - we hit the DVD's. Thanks Jeff and Kate!

For those of you who have asked - my Dad is doing terrific after his knee replacement. He is now walking with just a cane. Glad that is over. He gets to drive in a week and he is anxiously waiting for that day.

Looking forward to our family reunion at Northstar. I love the idea that our children's children are getting the chance to know each other. I still rememember tying a quilt for Dave and me before we were married and Claudia, Laraine, Ireta and myself were all in the family room and Claudia was pregnant with Jeff and Lariane was pregnant with JuliAnn and Claudia's statement went something like this: "Let's make sure that our children know each other well. Let's plan events, vacations and attend our children's accomplishments if possible as a priority in our lifes." It was something like that. Many of my friends have mentioned to me before how lucky we are to have an extended family that helps each other out - under all circumstances. I also believe that sharing our testimonies, as a family, helps other family members understand the importance that the gospel plays in our own lifes. So . . . . that's why I so much love spending time together (even in close quarters) because it gives us a chance to play together and make our family relationships stronger.

Our new phone number is: 916-660-1620 3402 Barker Road Loomis Calif. 95650 We are in the Loomis 1st Ward.

**It feels strange to sit next to David at church since he has been in two bishoprics for the last nine years. Kind of nice!

Thanks Sabrina for setting this Blog up. Once our project starts - we'll put pictures on as it shapes up.

Congrates to Kate and Jeff on their new daughter and Tyson for his calling.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Elder Wheeler

Elder Tyson Wheeler

Tyson was called to the North Carolina Charlotte Mission-Spanish Speaking. He is going to report to the MTC in April.